Classes have been an essential part of Chase Park Theater’s offerings.  During Karen Fort’s tenure as Drama Instructor (1998-Sept 2011).  Youth often studied the same core curriculum as the adult performance schedule, providing the only affordable classic theater training for youth in Chicago.  We are very proud of our flexible and student-centric curriculum offerings.  Younger students focus on movement, fantasy play and imagination.  Older students focus on acting technique. 

Our most dedicated students were sometimes offered roles in the Teen Company or even in mainstage shows.  In our Fall 2006 production of Macbeth, students Dushanti, Elise, Anna and Charlie all found speaking roles waiting for them. 

Karen’s teaching philosophy can be found in this pdf article: Let’s skip the part where you hate Shakespeare: Chicago Tribune, Nov 11, 1997

For current offerings, call the CHASE PARK front desk at 312-742-7518.  You can check the Chicago Park District websiteTHIS WEBSITE DOES NOT REFLECT ANY CURRENT ACTIVITIES AT CHASE PARK, IT IS AN ARCHIVE OF PAST WORK ONLY!

Acting and Drama Classes

For Children, Youth, and Teens

1997-2011 Archive ONLY - does not reflect current activities

Steven and Dushanti as Oberon’s Henchmen in our 2005 mainstage production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

The cast of Heckety Peg, 2005

The cast of The Lion King, 2004.

Elliot (Scarecrow), Rachel (Dorothy), and Bailey Rose (Cowardly Lion) in The Wizard of Oz, fall 2006 

Click HERE for archives of Chase Park Theater’s YOUNG ACTORS’ PROGRAM, 2007-2011, fully staged productions, by / for / and about youth!  These shows all culminated in a fully staged production on the main stage.  Young_Actors_Program.html
Charles Mueller, frequent contributor of his time and talents to Chase Park Theater, produced this monograph about Karen and her teaching style and background.  Thanks Chuck for permission to put it on the web! 

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